Artisan du Chocolat new bar uses the whole cacao fruit

Chocolate brand Artisan Du Chocolat has launched a bar of dark chocolate made from the entire cacao fruit, with no part of it discarded. 

mobile phone cases may now be biodegradable, but phones alas aren't

Old mobile phones and laptops are filling up the nation's cupboards. But where there's waste there's money, as the saying goes, and you could earn some for your old tech. And possibly more to the point, you'll be doing the planet a favour by recycling it

The light-filled main living room

Edward and Emma Bulmer's splendid Herefordshire home is full of colour and pattern...and boasts surprisingly low running costs

Tesla Powerwall2 allows you to store energy from your PV panels

If you have solar PV panels, as actor, TV presenter and renewable energy enthusiast Robert Llewellyn does, have you looked into storing the electricity they generate using a battery such as the Tesla Powerwall2?

Edge London, eco materials library and store, has a day of useful and inspiring talks for anyone interested in eco friendly design and build

Floriade Exp 2022, tradition and innovation in horticulture

There's still time to head to Amsterdam for Floriade 2022, a spectacular once-in-a-decade event showcasing all things green and horticultural

Bold colours and patterns from eco homewares brand Kate Austin Designs

Kate Austin Designs launches a new collection of fair trade, sustainable homewares in vibrant colours and bold patterns. 


National Trust Stourhead

For a day out in the gorgeous Wiltshire countryside, head to the National Trust's Stourhead gardens and country house for Planted Country, a free event this weekend that aims to reconnect us with the natural world

mio culture

How environmentally friendly is wallpaper? If 'not very' is the answer...which it is.. what products can be used to make our walls green and interesting company? Kay Hill investigates