Organising outside space can seem daunting and one easy solution that's often overlooked is outdoor storage. So what are the options?

Ecuador has announced the creation of a new marine reserve in Galapagos, expanding the current protected area by 60,000 km2. 

With covid 19 still far from over, and with strain on many household budgets, it's a great opportunity for us all to appreciate that less is more when it comes to gifts. So get out the brown paper and the biodegradable glitter, don't buy more food than Bruce Bogtrotter could eat, and remember to compost ALL your peelings

Increased natural disasters stem from climate change

Post the COP26 summit in Glasgow, research suggests the public wants urgent action from government to keep global warming under 1.5 degrees

..and not just for Christmas of course because poinsettias come in many other hues from cream to green to pink. But we tend to buy them as a yuletide tradition and rightly so because they are inject much needed colour at this time of year

Seashells for gift decoration

Don't spend a fortune on gift-wrap. Gift-wrapping expert Arona Khan says we can all learn to wrap beautifully using paper off-cuts and bits-n-bobs we have lying around

Artist Bonnie Saland has an ocean side house in California

Artist Bonnie Saland's live/work studio in northern California is full of colour and pattern. She's the designer behind textile brand Philomela and the family's laid-back ocean retreat is the ideal backdrop for her work.

Old tyres can be upcycled into planters

Once you get your creative thinking cap on you'll be amazed at what you can upcycle

antikbar november online sale

If you're on the hunt for interesting artworks or want to start a collection, don't miss AntikBar's November online auction, it's last for 2021. You could just grab yourself a one-of-a-kind bargain