Artist Bonnie Saland has an ocean side house in California

Artist Bonnie Saland's live/work studio in northern California is full of colour and pattern. She's the designer behind textile brand Philomela and the family's laid-back ocean retreat is the ideal backdrop for her work.

Old tyres can be upcycled into planters

Once you get your creative thinking cap on you'll be amazed at what you can upcycle

antikbar november online sale

If you're on the hunt for interesting artworks or want to start a collection, don't miss AntikBar's November online auction, it's last for 2021. You could just grab yourself a one-of-a-kind bargain

succulents are easy to care for

Succulents were the height of bohemian chic in the '70s and they're still enjoying a resurgence thanks to a focus on easy-care plants and the need to do something about our indoor air quality. Grower Fiona Weymss of Kent-based Blueleaf Plants gives us the lowdown on these adorable little creatures

Recycled plastic rug from nanimarquina

The weather's a bit up and one week, raining and cloudy the next... but your deck or patio can always look good with an outdoor rug on it. Choose ones made from recycled recycled polyester or other plastic - they're great for impromptu picnics and summer gatherings, as well as for sunbathing on. And even those deluges of rain won't hurt them...

Country house style allows for eccentricity, simplicity, florals, comfort and cosiness. And it's an eco friendly look because you'll find pieces you need at antiques fairs, auctions and second-hand shops. And there's plenty of scope for upcycling 

If you're fed up with going everywhere and nowhere on zoom, rejoice because you are invited to attend in person the 2021 Winter Art & Antiques Fair at London's Olympia. A day exciting is that! 

Gtech Mk2 AirRam

The Gtech underwent a major overhaul.. and if you're someone who struggles to find the motivation to vacuum, well, this lightweight and dare we say excellent AirRam Mk2 device will turn you into a house-proud townmouse. 

Facemask recycling at Wilko for ReWorked

The retailer estimates some 400,000 masks could be recycled by the time the scheme ends