The annual high quality craft show takes place in London's Chelsea in this month, the perfect place to find one-off gifts for Christmas

Masia in catalonia has been given an eco restoration

This ancient farmhouse, or masía, in Spain's north east region of Catalonia, has been restored by architect Puig-Mir using local materials and a minimalist approach

This year's exciting event takes place on 19 November at County Hall on the South Bank in London. Join celebrities across beauty, fashion, cooking and style for a fabulous day out that will show you how to look your best and give your friends and family the best Christmas

Cork's long been associated with bottle stops and dull flooring. Not any more: it's the eco-friendly, design-friendly material designers can't get enough of for furniture, homewares and decorative accessories

Orion Treehouses in the south of France are very eco

If you prefer warm rather than boiling hot weather, early autumn is a good month to take a break. And if you want an eco holiday, then a tree house is perfect. Especially if it's in the South of France and has a natural pool to swim in


save the earth in 2022

If you're galvanised by a 'day/week for a cause', you'll be wanting to jot down in your diary these upcoming weeks which cover a host of environmental themes. Take part as an individual, a family, a business, a team and feel virtuous and productive. 

Putting up decorations is one of the joys of Christmas. But given that tinsel is made from PVC and so doesn't score highly on the eco points chart, how should we deck the halls? Kay Hill has some sustainable suggestions

Artisan du Chocolat new bar uses the whole cacao fruit

Chocolate brand Artisan Du Chocolat has launched a bar of dark chocolate made from the entire cacao fruit, with no part of it discarded. 

mobile phone cases may now be biodegradable, but phones alas aren't

Old mobile phones and laptops are filling up the nation's cupboards. But where there's waste there's money, as the saying goes, and you could earn some for your old tech. And possibly more to the point, you'll be doing the planet a favour by recycling it